Diane Lohr Wilson



Clever, athletic Buck, proud of his wit—and sensitive, soft Lawrence—what is going on with them? Buck knows that’s the question everyone at his new school is asking. He wonders too sometimes.

If Buck takes a stand when the jerks torment Lawrence, will it backfire? Will he lose the few friends he has? Will the predatory superstar on Buck’s soccer team get even with him for taking Lawrence’s side by taking advantage of Buck’s naïve cousin? And how does he answer the question Lawrence has laid upon him: “Should I tell Poppa my secret?”

BUCK, a moving story about two unlikely friends’ first year in a new school, brings new insights into transgender issues and experiences.

The book shows that maturity is found in teenagers, but it is a lonely place.

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A dynamic teacher enchants her students and gets good work from them but when her former student re-encounters her after years, it’s clear she was a self-centered phony.
Young Adult
A plucky sophomore who suspects a new teacher of being inappropriate with a naïve freshman girl tries to get to the bottom of the situation.
Athletic Buck finds himself obliged to defend and support a transgender teenager in his new school—when what he wants to do is be popular with all the jocks and other fun-loving guys.

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