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A former teacher and administrator in private schools, Diane Lohr Wilson began writing fiction in 2010. Her short stories and novels have garnered awards in local and regional writing contests, including first place for “The Principal” in the OCWI contest of 2011 and “The Perp” in 2013. (Both also won the “Crème de la Crème” prizes in these competitions.) “The Perp,” renamed “SOLSTICE,” is currently under submission. Previous published work includes essays in educational journals, including “Mrs. Cremenski” in the spring issue of Independent School in 2011.

Born in Oregon, formerly from Texas, now living in Oklahoma City, Wilson was influenced by experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia and sojourns in France. But most important were the doings—and words—of teenagers she has taught and raised. She loves athletic contests in which kids she knows are competing, and books! A graduate of Rice, with a B. A. in English and a master’s in French, her writing career kicked off with a terrible novel written in the 80’s (hidden from the world since then) and was rejuvenated by a “Writing to Publish” class at the downtown library in Oklahoma City.

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A dynamic teacher enchants her students and gets good work from them but when her former student re-encounters her after years, it’s clear she was a self-centered phony.
Young Adult
A plucky sophomore who suspects a new teacher of being inappropriate with a naïve freshman girl tries to get to the bottom of the situation.
Athletic Buck finds himself obliged to defend and support a transgender teenager in his new school—when what he wants to do is be popular with all the jocks and other fun-loving guys.

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